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Thanks for dropping by.
(That's Dave Brubeck and me, shot at MTNA 2001. I love my job.)
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service to you or your organization.
You can reach me at:
Harry Butler / HBP
Post Office Box 22913
Nashville, Tennessee 37202-2913

615.331.8865 (Office/Fax)
615.300.7627 (Cellular)



Find Harry!
Find Harry in this 1969 photo... his first European excursion!



And, if you'd like a first-person account of what it's like to have me and my crew on the job, please call any of the following people:


In reference to Photography Services, please contact:

Pam Schenk (Gravure Ass'n) 716.436.2150
Larisa Mendez (National Student Nurses) 718.210.0705
Debra Murphy (AHRA) 800.334.2472
Mark Hanley (Walgreens) 847.914.8157
Brian Shepard (MTNA) 888.512.5278 x224


In reference to location video, please contact:

Jim Ward (Multiple Sclerosis Society) 615.269.9055
Elwyn Raymer (FestCorps, Inc) 615.377.9132
Paul Jackson (Independent Producer) 214.232.7971


In reference to A/V Support for your meeting, conference or event, please contact:

Pam Schenk (Gravure Ass'n) 716.436.2150
John Horrell (Durrell Sports Audio Management) 615.313.8877
Jeff Simmons (Rolling Hills Community Church) at 615.377.3787
Pastor Cliff Ashe (MVM and VCW Conferences) 717.939.9500

Tell them Harry said "Hi!"